BWI is a company under the leadership of Anthony Pangilinan committed to the development of institutions, communities and individuals through change management interventions such as mass and social campaigns, seminars, workshops, coaching and counseling, publications, organizational design and management consulting. The group collaborates with top change management experts, trainers, consultants, media practitioners and various stakeholders to ensure a holistic and sustainable approach in its programs.

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Our Mission

To design realistic, achievable, and measurable change management programs that meets client's needs

Our Vision

To facilitate change and maximize client's full potential

Our Founder


Chairman and Chief Disturber

"We cannot change organizations and people. We can only disturb them. Let us disturb each other well."

Anthony is the Chairman and Chief Disturber of BusinessWorks Inc, a key player in the management training and consulting industry in the country today. Anthony also serves as Philippine OIC of Called to Rescue, an anti-human trafficking organization committed to helping prevent human trafficking, rescue those in bondage and help them recover and regain meaningful lives.

Anthony holds an Executive MBA degree in both INSEAD (IN-SI-YAD) University in France and Tsinghua University in Beijing.

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