Integrated Change Management Solutions or ICMS is a personal and team development program developed by BusinessWorks. ICMS is a change management program that strategically combines various tools such as training, coaching, counseling, social media and the involvement of ‘key influences’ to achieve a defined growth agenda for a specific institution or community leading to the attainment of organizational goals and contributing to positive social transformation. ICMS is a framework and guided program that we offer our partners that will help develop, manage and follow through on change processes and influencing initiatives while letting various stakeholders control the direction and desired outcomes! It is a culminating service, in a sense, of our long and impactful engagement in both education and media in the last 25 years.

The Integrated Change Management Solutions or ICMS aims to equip, educate and empower team leaders and members to achieve top performance through a relevant, holistic and experiential training and development program. The program is designed to not only make leaders and achievers out of people but also to make them into individuals that contribute to their surroundings as a positive and holistic influence.

The ICMS is composed of events, small groups, seminars, mentoring, video-based learning, and specialized learning environments. What this means for interested applicants are that there is a method of learning for everyone. Not only is this holistic approach good for training people en masse but it also allows people to learn at their own pace and through their own preferences. There’s a training method for everyone – and the ICMS is designed for versatility, empowering its participants to learn in a safe and controlled environment.


To Equip, Educate and Empower team leaders and members to achieve top performance through a relevant holistic and experiential training development program.


  • Top Management Approval
  • Coordination with management team and coaches
  • Customized Program for specific team needs
  • Confidentiality of issues and internal policies
  • Top Quality Professionals
  • Aligned with performance management system
  • Interactive Learning and
  • Communication


  • Events
  • Small Groups
  • Seminars
  • Mentoring
  • Video-based Learning
  • Specialized Learning Environments
  • Weekly SMS/E-mail
  • Policy formulation and Assessment
  • Organizational Development
  • Business Readings