Anthony Pangilinan

Anthony is a multi-platform communicator and facilitator, engaging in workshops, events, tri media, social media and publications to facilitate social, institutional and individual change.

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Our Top Programs

Knockout presentation skills

The goal is not merely to get your message across, the intent is to create impact. Maintaining the audience's attention and appreciation is not enough; you have to knock them out with your presentation.

high-performing teams

Effective teams do not happen by accident. They are a result of various interventions that enhance intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

time check

The way we value our time is indicative of how much we value our life. By "life" we are talking about 3 general areas: Personal, Relational and Professional.

service excellence

In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, competitive and quickly-evolving industries abound, giving customers a myriad of choices, and the power to choose the companies or groups that will render them service.


In our world today, there is a loud call for leadership. And the workplace is a chaotic world in itself. Leadership is required in each member of the organization.


In addition to the programs aforementioned, we can also customize our training seminars according to your company's needs. Training programs and long-term training plans may also be developed based on your requests or requirements.

Top 3 reasons to partner with BWI


We have a proven track record of serving successful training programs to over 100 clients in the last 20 years. We customize our programs to meet your training needs. We uphold values. We don't just teach skills - our holistic approach ensures long-term growth and development for your people and your company.


We offer the best, high-quality and high-impact "edu-tainment". Our roster of trainers and consultants combine the best and the most dynamic people from a wide range of industries.


You're in good company. Over 100 of the top local and multinational companies in the Philippines have been trained by BWI.

BusinessWorks Inc looks forward to providing you with high-impact training seminars that yield to productive results. Rest assured that with BusinessWorks Inc, you made the right decision of choosing the company trusted by other leading companies in their fields.

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